A Supreme Deity Versus Physics

Numerous theologians and different religious philosophers have over several, several centuries, provided a list of what faculties or attributes a Supreme Deity or Maximally Greatest Being could have. Physicists avoid because the list in question makes little if any bodily sense, as we’re planning to discover. A lot of what follows stems from an on-line question I had with my old ‘friend’ the “Accidental Meta-Physician” ;.While I admire his all gun’s raging theological religion, his physics leaves too much to be desired.

Author’s Observe: As opposed to title names and therefore include and banish certain gods from numerous theologies, I’ll only use an all-encompassing phrase “Supreme Deity” or “SD” ;.People of varying faiths can substitute their very own unique deity as they wish.

Relating to one well-known modern religious theologian, Bill Lane Craig, the entity (i.e. – Supreme Deity) behind the development of the Market needed been itself uncaused, beginning-less, changeless, timeless, amazing, space-less, an immaterial all-powerful being who’s a personal agent, endowed with freedom of the will. Hopefully, by the time you’ve reached the conclusion of this essays, these traits will be looked at as whole nonsense emotional and physical wellbeing


“Things”, such as for instance a Supreme Deity (SD), would have certain properties. Points with certain attributes have framework and substance. Points with framework and material are bodily things. Physical things can have an effect on different bodily things. Non-physical things, like Wednesday, have no framework and substance. The idea of Wednesday can’t have any bodily influence on claim a billiard ball. A billiard baseball can’t have any influence on the idea of Wednesday. Therefore, non-physical things (concepts) can’t influence bodily things, and vice-versa. Since a SD, being, according with a theologies, a non-physical entity (a principle with no framework and substance), can’t thus have any influence on or develop or ruin bodily things. Nevertheless, non-physical ideas can have an effect on different non-physical concepts. The idea of a SD might give some the idea to be always a more ethical individual, but that is not required on anyone by way of a non-physical SD but alternatively that morality originates from within. An actual deity needless to say could tell you to be ethical or else bodily effects will follow.

If the Market was claim composed of an overall total of 1000 atoms, then any Supreme Deity (SD) who created the Market couldn’t be composed of any atoms otherwise the sum whole of atoms in the Market could total up to significantly more than 1000. Hence any SD, any supernatural creator, must certanly be non-physical according with a theists. Unlike theists, I say that the non-physical can’t develop the physical. Not a SD can cause anything from nothing, especially if that Supreme Deity was also non-physical.

When upon a period there was that Supreme Deity, who had been non-physical, who had been timeless but not infinite. For many as yet not known and mysterious reason(s), He / She / It decided* somewhere on down the monitor, to create a bodily galaxy, complete with life and only everything. How do you do this when you have nothing bodily to work with? Even if that SD were bodily in and of itself, it wouldn’t have any fresh components from which to focus on or with. Therefore, here’s an alternative on some typical cosmology. The SD – an actual SD – actually gone all to parts, got aside at the seams, and dispersed Herself / Herself / Itself in to the gap and turned as one with the Universe. The SD could be the Market and goes by the title of Mother Nature!

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